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  • Bioblo big box of eco building blocks made with wood chips and recycled cups
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BioBlo Stacking Blocks - Big Box 340 Blocks

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The “Big Box” of BioBlo construction blocks are rainbow-coloured and beautiful. Honeycomb-light and precision-cut, they stack metres high. Children young and old are instantly drawn to them (and so, to be honest, are adults!). There are endless ways to express and expand your imagination with Bioblo!

Construction toys promote hand-hand and hand-eye coordination, as well as stamina, dexterity, and frustration tolerance :-). Bioblos are also a great learning toy for counting, maths, colour-matching games, basic geometry and physics.

What it contains: Colourful construction blocks. 340 pieces, 10 different colours. Black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, beige and green.

More information on Bioblo:

  • Raw materials sourced from EU. Austria, Germany, Slovenia
  • Manufactured in EU. Made in Croatia
  • Bioblo is made from: 60% sawdust from sustainably-managed fir and spruce forests in Austria and Germany; 35% recycled high-quality plastic drinking cups from Germany (free from plasticisers, PVC, BPA, or other harmful elements); 5% environmentally-friendly colours from Slovenia (both organic and inorganic but all free of heavy metals)
  • Bioblo is 35% made from post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • Bioblo is recyclable