Washing Soft Toys and Dolls

How to Wash Soft Toys and Dolls

Children often become very attached to a specifc toy or doll, and it is quite adorable to see that bond developing. What is less adorable however is watching that favourite toy or doll gradually build up a layer of grime as your child brings it on each and every adventure.

It can often be tempting to simply place the soft toy or doll in the washing machine, and some of these toys and dolls are actually described as washing machine safe. However with any mechanical washing there is risk of damaging the contents of the washing machine. It would be terrible to ruin your child’s very favourite soft toy or doll, so care must be taken when choosing which method you are going to use to clean this precious item.

Machine washing and hand washing are the two ways to clean soft toys and dolls, and keep them free from allergens and bacteria.

 How to wash soft stuffed teddies and dolls

Washing machine method 

  1. Make sure the toy or doll doesn’t contain any batteries or electrical parts.
  2. Protect the soft toy or doll by placing it in a mesh laundry bag.
  3. Place the toy or doll that is within the mesh laundry bag into the washing machine and wash on the delicates or gentle cycle.
  4. Use gentle detergent, with no bleaching agents.
  5. Use warm or cool water.
  6. Remove from the toy from the mesh laundry bag and, gently manipulate it back into shape.
  7. Do not tumble dry your soft toy or doll. Allow it to drip dry or air dry gently. This will avoid any additional risk of shrinkage or small parts to become missing.

 How to wash and clean soft stuffed teddies and dolls

Hand wash method

  1. The hand washing method is the best choice best for soft toys and dolls, particularly those that may be delicate.
  2. Fill a sink or bath with warm water and add a small amount of gentle  liquid laundry detergent mixing the cleaning solution well.
  3. Place the soft toy or doll in the water and gently wash it with your hands.
  4. If necessary you can use an old soft toothbrush or flannel to carefully remove any stains or grubby areas.
  5. Rinse the toy in cool or warm water and gently squeeze out until the water runs clear.
  6. Allow your soft toy or doll to air dry or drip dry.

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