10 Reasons to Choose Wooden Toys

Top 10 reasons to choose wooden toys.

Wooden toys are winning the hearts of children and parents alike across the world. Why has there been a sudden renewed interest in wooden toys? Here we have the top 10 reasons why wooden toys are a better choice.

1: Wooden toys don’t overwhelm.

A simple and thoughtfully created wooden toy can capture a child’s imagination and interest without causing them to be overwhelmed. It’s easy for young children to become overstimulated by flashing lights and noisy sounds. In an outside world of overstimulation and constant input, toys that promote a quieter and more sustained play environment can be very beneficial to young children and their cognitive development.

2: Wooden toys are more calming.

There are a number of studies that suggest that physically touching wood can promote a sense of calm. Learning environments that feature natural materials such as wood can help children to focus and concentrate and promote a sense of calm down more than other .

3: Wooden toys are open ended.

A reduced selection of toys that are open ended and more versatile create a better environment for the development of your child’s imagination and creativity. Less is definitely more when it comes to toys for babies and toddlers. Young children on get overwhelmed by too many choices. Less toys that encourage a more meaningful and quality playtime will to be open ended and simple. Children form close bonds with toys, but if they are overwhelmed by choice they are less likely to be able to develop those bonds. The open ended nature of wooden toys allows children to create their own art of playing and allow them to spend more time with a single toy. 

4: Wooden toys encourage creative play. 

The modern market is flooded with plastic toys with electronics, flashing lights and loud noises. While these may be initially appealing to children the flashing lights and noises simply offer immediate gratification for young children, but they inhibit meaningful playtime. These features can usually shut down opportunities for learning about cause and effect,  problem solving and imaginative play. The initially gratifying lights and noises tend to direct how children play with those toys, and restrict their imagination.  

5: Wooden toys promote dexterity. 

Stacking wooden blocks in particular requires dexterity, fine motor precision and hand-eye coordination. Because there are no connecting mechanism to keep blocks locked together, children must focus more on coordinating their hands and eyes to build their desired creation. Children learn physics and problem solving from the simple process of stacking and balancing simple blocks and shapes.

6: Wooden toys are safer.

Babies and young children love to explore toys in their own way, and for babies that is most likely to be via their mouth and tongue. Then they will explore the process of throwing and bashing toys. It is easy for plastic to develop sharp edges, or to shatter. Wood is among the one of the safest materials for babies and children. 

7: Wooden toys are more inspiring! 

Wooden toys are perfect for children creating a new worlds from their imagination alone. Simple wooden blocks and shapes can be stacked and turned into anything a child wants them to be, without the distraction of flashing lights and electronic noise. Less is usually more, and that is certainly the case with wooden toys. Simple natural materials can lead to more meaningful and sustained engagement in play, imagination and creation.

8: Wooden toys last longer! 

Even though wooden toys are biodegradable and their plastic counterparts are likely to be on this planet for thousands of years, the toys need to last intact. There’s a good reason why wooden toys tend to be the ones most likely to be handed down from generation to generation. Plastic toys are more likely to have parts broken or missing.  Wooden toys are not indestructible, but as long as they are looked after correctly they are durable and they can last many many years.

9: Wooden toys look more beautiful! 

When you see beautiful Instagram photos of nursery’s and playrooms you will almost never see plastic toys in the picture. Wooden toys create a much more pleasant atmosphere and environment in the home. Whether natural and unstained, or colourfully painted, wooden toys tend to be visually pleasing. When buying toys to last, it’s is important that they are attractive to display in the home to help promote a calm environment.

10: Wooden toys sound better!

Any parent that has experienced the continuous sound of plastic toys bashing against each other knows how irritating it is. I can’t say that the volume of noise your child makes while playing will be reduced, however rather than the toys making an annoying clatter, the wooden toys make more of a charming clunk! 

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